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"Our small planet, at this moment,

here we face a critical branch in history.


What we do with our world right now,

will propagate down through the

centuries and powerfully affect the

destiny of our descendants . . .

. . . our loyalties are to the species and

the planet. We speak for Earth"


- Carl Sagan, 1980.


Looking beyond the Critical Decade and Century XXI

It is widely recognised that the immediate future of our shared biome and common heritage is now governed by the actions of Earth's principle geological agent; humanity. Our future is profoundly intertwined with the moral decisions we enact today and our capacity to forecast emergent, indelible legacies that will cascade down through the ages.

Pivotal to deep-time planetary stewardship is our species' ability to identify and document the unfolding inheritance of the Anthropocene while also ensuring mutual comprehension of these resources for future entities that we may not distinctively recognise as 'human'.

As a practical, interdisciplinary exercise in preserving the comprehension of these legacies and maintaining long-term record retention over intervals of geological time, the foundation is committed to developing a micro-etched 'Companion Guide to Earth' for geosynchronous orbit; an artefact that will serve as an experimental platform for exploring baseline communication of essential resources for deep-time archaeology and planetary stewardship applications.

The foundation is a collective of astrobiologists, ethicists, anthropologists, artists, futurists, scientists, academics and other professionals who possess an enduring concern for the future habitability of the Earth system and aspire to responsibly ensure that the preservation and commensurability of essential information is maintained for future generations to commit informed decisions on behalf of their world.

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