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Beyond the Earth is a registered non-for-profit, public benefits and education foundation that adheres to both the egalitarian and common heritage of humankind principles. This foundation is registered as a charitable entity within Scotland (SC048652) and its' governing bylaws, as defined by the council of trustees, are available below.



Equality and Diversity Policy:

The foundation, its activities and agents are committed to taking affirmative action against discrimination including but not limited to; gender, gender expression, age, nationality, cultural identity, religious creed(s), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political dispositions or telluric origins. Please review our privacy policy for further details.



  • The Beyond the Earth foundation logo is a registered trademark of the foundation and permission for use of this graphic may only be granted by the foundation trustees via request.

  • The disc layouts, image reproductions and manuscript/ documents are subject to a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License.

  • Disc contents are subject to various licensing agreements. Please contact us prior to using these contents for appropriate Creative Commons licensing or for referrals to the contents original author(s)

  • Video production copyright is outlined within this medias' accreditation listing detailed at the end of this production.

  • Graphics and datasets used within WebGL Globe elements are subject to Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License(s) as defined by their respective author(s).

  • External logos are subject to the copyright restrictions of our partnering organisations.


This initiative is developed as a non-for-profit, public benefits and education foundation and is not organised for the private gain of any person/ group of individuals or for the acquisition of personal details about its' participants. The foundation is compliant with GDPR regulations and is also committed to meeting additional provisions outlined within other international data protection policies. Data shared through this website will only be used for the purposes outlined within the stated input elements (with the exception of the submitted heritage resources which may be [anonymously] published for advertising of this initiative) and will not be disclosed to any third-party organisations. We may however, receive account information (username details etc.) from third-party organisations such as Facebook, Twitter etc. through public participation in our social media channels.


The Beyond the Earth website uses 'cookies' only to facilitate general demographic analytical services that aid in our public consultation and outreach goals.

Carbon Tax:

This foundations' carbon footprint is annually offset by paying a voluntary carbon tax. Discover more information at;

Study Group:

The Beyond the Earth foundation's 'Study Group' enables international researchers and scholars to deliberate over subjects that are essential for generating deep space/ time communication strategies. To contribute your professional expertise to this dynamic group, please Join or express your interest to the website moderator via; info [at]


The information contained on this site is consistently developed through interdisciplinary research solely for academic discourse, education and outreach purposes. The Beyond the Earth foundation and its' partners are not liable for third-party postings, opinions or disruptive/ damaging material on this website or affiliated media channels. States viewpoints are the author(s) own perspective(s) and do not reflect the stance of participating parties. By using the website, you agree that the exclusions and limitations of liability set out in this disclaimer are accepted.

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