The Beyond the Earth foundation is an international, non-profit public benefits, education and research organisation, which was initially established in 2016 to investigate the breadth of indelible legacies arising from humanities' causal relationship with its' surrounding environment, while also contributing to the theoretics of information-conservation debates and communication strategies for the benefit of deep-time archaeology and stewardship discourse. Our diverse research programme goals, educational applications, and stewardship initiatives, are peer-developed in partnership with other professional institutes and outreach groups. The foundation, registered as a charitable entity in 2018 (SC048652), is governed by a multidisciplinary council of trustees who provide oversight, expertise and guidance on activities, alongside a number of voluntary associates, collaborating partners and other agents who help us to deliver opportunities and educational activities.

Our principle objectives adhere to both the egalitarian and common heritage of humankind principles; premises of international law which designate that defined elements of humankinds' collective (cultural and natural) heritage should be held in trust and protected from exploitation for the benefit of future generations.




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Long Now Foundation
Stamper Technology Inc.


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