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The Beyond the Earth foundation is an international, non-profit public benefits, education and research organisation. The NGO was initially established in 2016 to investigate the breadth of indelible legacies arising from humanities' causal relationship with its' surrounding environment, while also contributing to the theoretics of information-conservation debates and communication strategies for the benefit of deep-time archaeology and stewardship discourse. Our diverse research programme goals, educational applications, and stewardship initiatives, are peer-developed in partnership with other professional institutes and outreach groups. The foundation is governed by a multidisciplinary council of trustees who provide oversight, expertise and guidance on activities, alongside a number of voluntary associates, collaborating partners and other agents who help us to deliver opportunities and educational activities.

Our principle objectives adhere to both the egalitarian and common heritage of humankind principles; premises of international law which designate that defined elements of humankinds' collective (cultural and natural) heritage should be held in trust and protected from exploitation for the benefit of future generations.


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Capova, Klara Anna; European Space Technology Centre (NE) & Durham University (UK).

Dunér, David; Lund University (SE) & METI International (US).

Dutil, Yvan; Ministère de la Santé et des Service Sociaux, Québec (CA).

Quast, Paul E.; University of Edinburgh (UK).

Smith, Kelly; Clemson University (US) & METI International (US) & Interstellar Beacon (US).

Stoyanova, Victoria; Napier University (UK).

Traphagan, John W.; University of Texas at Austin (US) & METI International (US).

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Long Now Foundation
Stamper Technology Inc.


Abelmann, Leon; HUDOC, University of Twente (NE).

Ansbro, Eamonn; SETI Kingsland (IE) & UK SETI Research Network.

Benford, Gregory; Astrophysicist & Author (US).

Blaxter, Mark; University of Edinburgh (UK).

Brin, David; Author & Fellow of Institute of Ethics and Emergent Technologies (US).

Dravins, Dainis; Lund Observatory, Lund University (SE).

Elliot, John; Leeds Beckett University (UK), UK SETI Research Network & International Academy of Astronautics (IAA).

Evans, Chris; UK Astronomy Technology Centre.

Green, David; The Ozymandias Project (US).

Ha, Bruce; Stamper Technology Inc. & NanoRosetta (US).

Hanlon, Michelle; For All Moonkind (US).

Hanlon, Timothy; For All Moonkind (US).

Haqq Misra, Jacob; Blue Marble Institute (US).

Irons, David; Lunar Mission One & Lunar Mission Trust (UK).

Kunze, Martin; Memory of Mankind (AT).

Lomberg, Jon; Artistic Director of the Voyager Records & One Earth Message (US).

Manz, Andreas; HUDOC, University of Freidburg (DE), KIST (KR).

McCaughrean, Mark; European Space Technology Centre (NE).

Sandberg, Anders; University of Oxford - Future of Humanity Institute (UK) & UK SETI Research Network.

Scotese, Christopher Robert; University of Texas (US).

Taylor, William; UK Astronomy Technology Centre.

Welcher, Laura; The Long Now Foundation (US).






The Europlanet Society; Public Engagement Funding Scheme (Heritage in Space platform)


'A Message from Afar' (website) as part of the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019.


University of Edinburgh; Humanities and Social Sciences Press & Public Relations.


  • Azimuthal Equidistant (South Pole) Projection (2017/ 2018) - courtesy of NS6T's Azimuthal Map generator.

  • Earth Full-Disk Image (2017) - NASA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] & GOES-16 Satellite/ Team.

  • ETOPO1 Global Relief Model [WebGL Capsule Canvas] (2008) - National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration [NOAA].

  • The Milky Way Panorama (2009) - European Southern Observatory/ S. Brunier.

  • Future Earth Typologies (2020) - graphics based on; Christopher Scotese (2014) Future Plate Motions & Pangea Proxima. PALEOMAP Project, Evanston, IL.

  • Photograph of Earth rising above Moon (1969) - Apollo 11 Astronauts & NASA (AS11-44-6560).

  • Still from 'Earthrise' series [original B&W image updated with colour from AS08-14-2383] (1968) - NASA & Apollo 8/ Bill Anders [processing by Maksim Kakitsev] (AS08-13-2329).

  • Hurricane Paulette, Tropical Depression Rene, Hurricane Sally, Tropical Storm Teddy and Tropical Storm Vicky on September 14, 2020 (2020) -  NASA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] & GOES-16 Satellite/ Team.

  • A Simple Response to an Elemental Message (2015) - courtesy of Paul E. Quast.

  • Rusting barrels of nuclear waste at Hurd Deep, English Channel. remnants of barrels tipped into sea by the U.K. between 1950 and 1963 (2000) - courtesy of Gavin Newmann/ Greenpeace (Twister expedition - GP012W3).

  • CLAB Interim Storage (2019) - courtesy of SKB, Sweden.

  • RTG-ALSEP Setup (1971) - Apollo 14 Astronauts & NASA (AS14-67-9366).

  • The Runit Island Dome (2019) - courtesy of Los Angeles Times.

  • Onkalo Disposal Facility Excavation (2014) - courtesy of Posiva Oy, Finland.

  • Hanford Site, Trench 94 (2021) - Satellite data courtesy of Google Maps.

  • Bags of radioactive waste piled up at a temporary storage site in Tomioka, Fukushima Prefecture (2015) - courtesy of The Japan Times.

  • Artur Korneyev, Deputy Director of Shelter Object, viewing the “elephant's foot” lava flow at Chernobyl (1996) - courtesy of US Department of Energy/ Getty.

  • Side-scan sonar image of the Baltic seafloor detailing a scuttled ship full of chemical weapons, and trawl marks from fishing vessels nearby (2016) - courtesy of Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanography.

  • Chemical Munition dump in Baltic Sea (2019) - courtesy of Laurie Debove/ Arts et Humanité.

  • Valley of the Drums (1980) - courtesy of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Aralsk-7 facility, Vozrozhdeniya Island (2021) - Satellite data courtesy of Google Maps.

  • Imagery of the asteroid 2014 JO25 (2017) - generated with radar data collected using NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar in California's Mojave Desert, courtesy of NASA/ JPL-Caltech/ GSSR).

  • Fallen Trees, Tunguska Event (1938) - photograph courtesy of Leonid Kulik Expedition, Wikipedia.

  • Chelyabinsk impact event (2013) - courtesy of Alan Fitzsimmons & Youtube.

  • Barringer Crater, Arizona (2012) - courtesy of Getty Images.

  • Manicouagan Crater, Canada (2015) - courtesy of Landsat 8 satellite (Bands: 2, 3, 4, 8) & USGS. Data processed by Paul Quast.

  • Pioneer F Plaque Location (1972) - NASA.

  • Cosmic Call 1 pictograph series [image composite of bitmaps 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18] (2001) - courtesy of Yvan Dutil & Stéphane Dumas.

  • Charles Duke family portrait (1972) - Charles Duke & NASA (AS16-117-18841).

  • Gold-Plated Record is attached to Voyager 1 on 29 July 1977 (1977)  - courtesy of NASA Press Office.

  • Corn Field Row (2013) - courtesy of ‘The Arkow’/ Pixabay.

  • Mosquitoes fill the air outside the Toolik Field Station in Arctic Alaska (2015) - courtesy of Jesse Krause.

  • Small Microplastic pellets on finger (2019) - courtesy of iStock/ pcess609.

  • The Pitch-Drop Experiment (2017) - courtesy of University of Queensland, Vimeo livestream of experiment.

  • Dumped barrel of DDT on the seafloor near the coast of Catalina Island (2011) - courtesy of David Valentine/ UC Santa Barbara/ ROV Jason via AP.

  • Beal Seed Experiemnt Bottle (2021) - courtesy of Derrick L. Turner/Michigan State University.

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